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Our World as Math

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Our World as Math (the math lab) is a learning space, carefully organized into interest centers along broad age spans and three themes of:

  • number & operations (arithmetic),

  • shapes & measures,

  • and algebraic thinking.


Math concepts are shared by means of manipulative materials and our Spectrum Activity Cards. SACs show, in words and pictures, how to explore the materials.


Students read the SACs with the help of partners including parents and other students. They follow through as the SACs suggest and record in journals and on projects - a cycle of concrete to abstract.

The math lab offers hundreds of activities now for children of about one to ten years. Still in experimental trials, the curriculum design is now extending into early adolescence.

The math lab is free and open to all ages on two afternoons per week at College Church, 337, Main Street, South Lancaster MA.

Those interested should email to

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