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At Thayer Conservatory we love and appreciate homeschoolers. Many homeschoolers have taken advantage of the musical offerings at Thayer through the years, and have gone on to accomplish great things not only in music but in other fields such as engineering, medicine, law, education, and the humanities. Studies have shown that children who study music do significantly better on SAT exams, and develop better spatial intelligence that contributes to solving math, art, engineering and computer problems. The study of music improves a child's sound discrimination and fine motor skills, as well as contributes to self-confidence. Students who participate in band or orchestra have the lowest levels of lifelong use of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs among any group in society. We believe that the study of music and the arts greatly enhances the life of a child. A number of our homeschoolers have gone on to receive large scholarships at Universities such as University of Massachusetts, Yale University, Berklee College of Music, Andrews University, Cleveland Institute of Music, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, among others. 


We understand the financial limitations of homeschooling families, and have worked hard to be able to provide strong introductory music education at a reasonable cost. That is why we have an ongoing homeschool choir, and provide early childhood music classes, as well as beginning group lessons in voice, violin, cello, ukulele, recorder and piano. Although eventually students would most benefit from private lessons, the ability at Thayer for a child to explore their early interest in music for a reasonable cost in group lessons, and semi-private lessons is very valuable. Many of our faculty members have homeschooled their own children, to great success. 


We welcome parents to be part of the classes and lessons. We have classes in writing and drama for homeschoolers as well, and are open to adding other courses as the need arises.

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