Visual Arts

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Michelle Murray

Drawing, Sculpture, Painting

My career started in the Fashion industry as a fashion designer in Boston and then NYC. I

had the opportunity to travel the world as a designer. Once I was blessed with 3 boys, I

wanted to be home more. I began teaching art in the school system about 10 years ago and

prior to that I was teaching summer art programs and private lessons from my home studio. I

am currently an Art Teacher at Tahanto Middle/High School in Boylston, MA where I teach

everything from drawing, to painting, ceramics, weaving and print making along with Art

History lessons too.

My approach to teaching art is as individual as each person. I teach the Elements of Art and

the Principles of Design as I work with each student on the subject and medium that peaks

their interest. I don’t believe you can teach the same painting to all students and expect to

excite their creativity. You have to teach Art to what interests each student.

I’ve always seen the beauty in everyday things, a simple piece of pottery, a great wicker

basket, even a luscious piece of ripe fruit. I enjoy combining these simple things into a

pleasing composition. Art is all around us, you don’t have to search far and wide to find the’s in a toddler’s face playing with a new ball or the sweet tranquil look of a

grandmother rocking her granddaughter....